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Client Care Specialist

I graduated from the Social Service Worker program in Ontario after previously taking the Physiotherapist/Occupational therapist Assistant course. I then decided to move to Halifax to study honours history and German language studies at University.

I went on to work in management in the human healthcare field for about three years, and have recently made a significant change by coming to work in animal health here at 4 Paws! I am learning so much every day and truly do love animals.

I have three cats shared with my best friend (all from the same cat family!), Hammy, Phantom and Moomoo, but I love all animals! I absolutely love meeting all of our client's fur babies and giving them all of the chin scratches, belly rubs, and head pats they want and deserve!

My husband and I brought our cat in last night for an emergency visit and she was seen right away.…

Bethan Claire Price

Went there at 9pm with a 20 year old cat having bowel issues. The doctor was quick to diagnose, gave…


My wife and I are new to the Halifax area and after a few short months here it was time…

Nicholas Pujado

This is by far my favourite vet clinic in Halifax. The staff are very helpful and the vets are very…

Daniel Smith


What You Should Know About Onion and Garlic Toxicities in Pets

Many people don’t realize that onions and garlic are toxic to pets.  It is so sparsely known that garlic powder is actually a dangerously common ingredient in some homemade dog treat recipes found online.  They are also very common ingredients in many different dishes that we humans love to make, so we need to be extra careful to not allow our pets to ingest anything containing these ingredients. No more licking the plate for Fido and Fluffy!

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