Dr. Brittni Milligan


Brittni has always had a special bond with animals and felt that she wanted to help and protect them. As she got older, she realized how much she loved biology and other sciences. Brittni decided to put the two together and pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She completed her undergraduate degree with an Honours in Biology at Mount Saint Vincent University in 2011, and then attended the Atlantic Veterinary College to graduate with the class of 2015.

Brittni’s favourite area of veterinary medicine has always been “routine” health and wellness. She has always felt that educating clients has made such a huge difference in her patients quality of life and the human-animal bond. She is also am a bit of a dermatology nerd and loves everything to do with skin. Brittni has a special interest in companion pig medicine and surgery.

Brittni’s favourite part of working with the team at 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital is how great the team works together cohesively, and how everyone has their own important role to make things as easy and enjoyable as possible for the patients, the clients and the rest of the staff.

A fun fact about Brittni is that she loves to work with rescue groups, and has a special place in her heart for special needs and geriatric pets. She and her husband currently share their home with two cats, a blind Chiweenie, an elderly lab with food allergies, and a house pig, as well as the occasional foster dog!

The amazing staff at Four Paws were able to diagnose my sick elderly cat just by examining her, after I…

Alicia Quin

They treat you with respect. I lost (she passed away) my cat. They were very sympathetic. Awesome group of people.

Paula Gillis

They were so caring and kind when we had to put our senior cat to sleep. And they had been…

Bernadette Derry

Very compassionate, efficient and gave us the time we needed without any pressure. Would definitely recommend them. Thank you for…

Sharon Pottie


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