Veterinary Assistant
I love to help animals in need, I graduated in 2015 and joined the clinic in 2017. My area of interest is in emergency medicine and exotics. My first pet was a dog named Bear and a cat named Mishka. My favourite thing about the clinic and what I love the most is the medicine! Fun facts: I play nine instruments and horseback ride.
The amazing staff at Four Paws were able to diagnose my sick elderly cat just by examining her, after I…

Alicia Quin

They treat you with respect. I lost (she passed away) my cat. They were very sympathetic. Awesome group of people.

Paula Gillis

They were so caring and kind when we had to put our senior cat to sleep. And they had been…

Bernadette Derry

Very compassionate, efficient and gave us the time we needed without any pressure. Would definitely recommend them. Thank you for…

Sharon Pottie


How to Know When They Are Sick

How many times have you checked your cat’s temperature or listened to your dog’s heart rate?

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