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Nail Trimming for Dogs

Regular nail trimming will keep your pooch comfortable and happy. Please contact us to schedule a nail trim with our experienced veterinary team.

How often should I cut my dog’s nails?

Depending on your dog’s activity level and lifestyle, they may need to be trimmed every 2 weeks or so. Keeping track of the growth will help to determine when to book your nail trim appointments. Inside of your dog’s nail, there is a blood vessel and nerve also known as the “quick”, this will grow along with the nail. The longer the quick gets, the more likely it is to get trimmed which is very painful for your dog. Regular nail trims will help to prevent the quick from being exposed.

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What You Should Know About Onion and Garlic Toxicities in Pets

Many people don’t realize that onions and garlic are toxic to pets.  It is so sparsely known that garlic powder is actually a dangerously common ingredient in some homemade dog treat recipes found online.  They are also very common ingredients in many different dishes that we humans love to make, so we need to be extra careful to not allow our pets to ingest anything containing these ingredients. No more licking the plate for Fido and Fluffy!

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