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Your pet may wear a collar and tags that include their name and your phone number which is great, but only a microchip provides permanent ID that cannot be lost.


Skin Care

Skin issues are some of the most common reasons pet owners seek advice from our veterinarians. A persistent itch can cause a lot of discomfort for dogs, and occasionally skin issues may also be a sign of other underlying health issues. Fleas, environmental allergies, and adverse food reactions are all...


Arthritis Treatment

If your pup is suffering from arthritic pain, you may notice that they do not stand up or hop up to their favourite spot as easily as usual. Stiffness, pain, lameness and swollen joints are also signs.



Care for a very ill or geriatric pet can be complicated when you are faced with the most difficult decision you may ever make. Many pet owners feel confused and unsure of the right path to take. Our caring team is here to help you during this difficult process in...