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We will continue to see critical and urgent cases between 7 am and 11 pm, 7 days a week. After this time, a veterinary technician is in the hospital with access to an on-call veterinarian. They will monitor non-life threatening, stable patients. If you have concerns about your pet, please contact our hospital and speak to a member of our treatment team.

We value your trust and we are committed to continuing to provide excellent veterinary care to those in our community. We appreciate your ongoing support. This plan is ever-changing, so please contact the clinic if you have further questions or concerns.

Looking forward to serving you in the future with care from the dedicated veterinary team at 4Paws Veterinary Hospital.

We are a full-service veterinary hospital offering a comprehensive selection of routine and preventive treatments, as well as emergency and intensive care for your cherished pets. Our newly renovated facility is approximately 5000 sq ft.

Collectively, we are dedicated to making sure that your pet has the best quality of life possible. Just like you, we are animal lovers, and we understand that your pet is more than just a companion, they are members of your family. Our team of talented and experienced veterinarians, registered technicians, veterinary assistants and client care specialists are committed to providing exceptional medical care, with an emphasis on compassion and building trust.

Dr. Kathryn Sykes | Dr. Kip Grasse | Dr. Stephanie Hayward | Dr. Brittni Milligan | Dr. Karl Mitchell | Dr. Hannah Porter | Dr.Susi Brown | Dr. Erin Cambier | Dr. Patrick Boelsterli

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We offer a wide range of services, including medical, diagnostic, surgical, and preventive health care needs for your dogs and cats so that they can live a longer, happier life.

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