Dog X-ray and Ultrasound

At 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital, we have a radiology suite on site which includes ultrasound. Our veterinarians can review your pet’s x-rays on-site and also refer the images to a board-certified radiologist if needed. Radiography and ultrasound are extremely helpful tools in assisting with the diagnosis of a pet’s condition.

How do you use x-ray and radiology services at your clinic?

An x-ray (a.k.a. radiograph) will give our team a closer look at what is going on inside of your pet’s body. X-ray’s produce shadow-like images of bones and some organs. The images can reveal signs of disease, injury and on some occasions, a foreign body (your furry friend ate something they shouldn’t have). This is an extremely valuable tool in order to find the best possible treatment plan for your pet.

How should I prepare my dog for their x-ray appointment?

Please check with our team when scheduling an x-ray or ultrasound procedure for your pet. Depending on the procedure, we may have special requirements such as fasting your pet.

How much does a dog x-ray exam cost?

Please contact us for details.


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