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Senior Dog Care

Our canine family members are living longer lives than they ever have before. The amazing veterinary care and quality diets available in today’s world play a big part in helping our pets to live longer and healthier lives.

When is a dog considered a senior pet?

Typically, dogs are considered to be in their senior years around the age of 7. This can be earlier for large breeds, as they tend to have shorter life expectancy.

What are the most common health issues experienced by senior dogs?

Like elderly people, our senior pets can begin to have increased health issues including; kidney disease, liver disease, joint/mobility issues, diabetes, decreased vision, hearing loss and senility.

How should I care for my senior dog? (example: schedule regular checkup, exercise, etc.)

Routine checkups with your veterinarian are more important than ever during your pet’s golden years. With routine blood work and physical exams, our team can help your pooch to live a long and healthy life. Routine blood work can help to discover underlying issues so that they can be discovered and treated right away.

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