Saying Goodbye

Holidays are a busy time for families, with parties and gatherings. We often make a point to get together with friends and family that we don’t see as much throughout the year, and many of us have many happy memories of this season. Sadly, in the veterinary field, we also have many sad visits from families having to say goodbye to an old family pet. There are a few reasons we see an increase in euthanasias around the holidays, including families waiting for someone to come home to say goodbye or wanting to spend just one more Christmas season with their furry family member.

We know these decisions are hard for families to make, and we are here to make this hard time as easy and peaceful as we can for you. If your pet is starting to gray and slow down below are some resources that may help as you are considering what is best for your friend, and always remember you can give us a call if you would like to discuss the euthanasia process or any quality of life concerns.

Written by Dr. Stephanie Hayward