What are the symptoms of arthritis in dogs?

If your pup is suffering from arthritic pain, you may notice that they do not stand up or hop up to their favourite spot as easily as usual. Stiffness, pain, lameness and swollen joints are also signs.

What causes arthritis in dogs?

Arthritis can be caused by joint instability, trauma and abnormal cartilage development.

What are some treatment options for arthritis in dogs?

The first step is to visit your veterinarian for a physical exam to assess the pain and inflammation. Your veterinarian will then come up with a treatment plan, which may include a mobility diet, joint supplements and anti-inflammatory medication.

Can I give my dog aspirin?

Aspirin can cause gastrointestinal upset and is not recommended for our canine friends. There are anti-inflammatory medications formulated specifically for our pets, this is always the safest option.

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