Why We Love Seniors!

During the month of November, we are celebrating senior pets at 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital. Our senior pets need a little extra TLC, often suffering from joint disease, dental disease, and they are at risk of developing systemic illnesses. We love seeing our seniors regularly at the hospital and we have a full team to help monitor their weight, body condition, and overall health condition. Though senior pets can be extra work, they are so easy to love and with a strong veterinary team behind you, we recommend looking at adopting a senior pet if you are looking to bring a new pet into your life. Here are the top 10 best things about owning a senior pet:

  1. They love to sleep and are excellent snuggle buddies
  2. They are already house trained so they don’t wake you up in the middle of the night for pee-breaks
  3. They are already trained so there is less risk of coming home to an accident on the floor or a chewed couch
  4. No more sharp puppy teeth chewing on everything (including hands, Ouch!)
  5. Their personalities are already developed so you know what to expect on a daily basis
  6. It’s not true what they say, old dogs can learn new tricks and it is often easier to train an older pet since they are calmer and more focused
  7. Grey faces are adorable!
  8. Older, slower pets are less likely to knock over the expensive vase or climb the Christmas trees (kittens are good at causing trouble)
  9. Senior pets know what they love, and are great at showing their appreciation
  10. And the best thing about owning and loving a senior pet is how much they love you back!

Written By: Dr. Stephanie Hayward