Manager of the Humans

Hi, my name is Oliver aka Oliver the Great/Floozel Woozel. Here is some info so you can get to know me better!

What made you want to enter the field of veterinary medicine and health care? Free food and free health care.

What is your favourite thing about working at a veterinary hospital? Sometimes I sneak leftovers from the patients, and I also like watching the patients and clients in reception from my luxurious cat tree.

Do you have any pets? A human named Lisa and a gecko named Big Hairy Monster... but I mostly just want to eat him.

Fun Fact: I poop where I’m not supposed to!

During your next visit, don't forget to give me lots of pats and sneak me a treat too... meow.

Very compassionate, efficient and gave us the time we needed without any pressure. Would definitely recommend them. Thank you for…

Sharon Pottie

Best veterinarian care I have ever been to in the city. A complete check and most friendly service. Soo thankful…

Raquel Walker

Very fast and professional. Cut the mats off of our long hair cat even though they were super busy.…

Dylan Young

Dr Grasse is truly the most amazing and caring veterinarian. My cat Clover is alive and thriving because of the…

Emily Matheson


How Do Dental Diets Work

Daily brushing with a pet approved toothpaste and brush is the gold standard in animal dental care.

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