Manager of the Humans

Hi, my name is Oliver aka Oliver the Great/Floozel Woozel. Here is some info so you can get to know me better!

What made you want to enter the field of veterinary medicine and health care? Free food and free health care.

What is your favourite thing about working at a veterinary hospital? Sometimes I sneak leftovers from the patients, and I also like watching the patients and clients in reception from my luxurious cat tree.

Do you have any pets? A human named Lisa and a gecko named Big Hairy Monster... but I mostly just want to eat him.

Fun Fact: I poop where I’m not supposed to!

During your next visit, don't forget to give me lots of pats and sneak me a treat too... meow.

The amazing staff at Four Paws were able to diagnose my sick elderly cat just by examining her, after I…

Alicia Quin

They treat you with respect. I lost (she passed away) my cat. They were very sympathetic. Awesome group of people.

Paula Gillis

They were so caring and kind when we had to put our senior cat to sleep. And they had been…

Bernadette Derry

Very compassionate, efficient and gave us the time we needed without any pressure. Would definitely recommend them. Thank you for…

Sharon Pottie


How to Know When They Are Sick

How many times have you checked your cat’s temperature or listened to your dog’s heart rate?

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