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Surgical Services for Dogs

What types of surgical services do you provide for dogs?

We offer a variety of common surgical procedures for our canine patients, including spays and neuters. We are also here to provide emergency surgical care, should an unexpected situation arise.

How do I prepare my dog for surgery?

Please withhold from feeding your pet for 8-10 hours prior to dropping them off at our hospital. Small amounts of water are fine, up until bringing your pet in for their procedure. If you have questions about any medications your pet is currently taking, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Please check your pet’s vaccination status to make sure they are up to date and let us know if they are currently on any parasite preventatives.

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Bethan Claire Price

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Nicholas Pujado

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Daniel Smith


What You Should Know About Onion and Garlic Toxicities in Pets

Many people don’t realize that onions and garlic are toxic to pets.  It is so sparsely known that garlic powder is actually a dangerously common ingredient in some homemade dog treat recipes found online.  They are also very common ingredients in many different dishes that we humans love to make, so we need to be extra careful to not allow our pets to ingest anything containing these ingredients. No more licking the plate for Fido and Fluffy!

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