Fleas and ticks are some of the most common concerns we hear from pet owners. Prevention is your best defence, our team can recommend the best preventative methods and treatments for you and your pet.

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How can I tell if my dog has fleas or ticks?

Your dog may be very itchy and scratching often. You may see adult fleas hopping around, or flea feces (flea dirt) may be present on your dog’s skin. Flea dirt will appear as small dark specks on your pet’s skin, this can be found by parting the hair with your hands, or a flea comb. Ticks can be hard to find on our furry friends since they start out small at around a few mm long, however after feeding some grow up to 11 mm long. If the tick has bitten your pet and has started feeding, you may notice a squishy lump. Once it is determined that this is indeed a tick, the tick will need to be removed properly. Tick Twisters are highly recommended for removal.

How can I prevent fleas and ticks on my dog?

Make sure that your pet takes parasite preventatives regularly, as recommended by your veterinarian. Also, be sure to examine your pup closely after outdoor walks for any ticks that may be present. This way, you can remove the tick promptly.

What are the treatment options for dogs who have ticks?

Regular parasite preventative products are recommended, as well as prompt removal of any visible ticks. If your pet is showing signs of Lyme disease, your veterinarian may recommend testing.

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