A Healthy Mouth Makes a Happy Pet

By now most people are familiar with the idea of their pet’s need for dental well being. Veterinarians have been raising this issue with their clients for well over 20 years now. But most people will admit they rarely look in their dog or cat’s mouth, and only a few can actively commit to brushing their pet’s teeth. If the average pet is only brought to their veterinarian once a year. Much of that dental well being is being overlooked.

The condition of your pet’s oral health is complicated and constantly changing. Loose, discoloured or broken teeth, bleeding gums, even oral cancers are just some of the problems that are observed. Many problems in the oral cavity are not apparent unless you pull back the lips and look at the back teeth, the molars. Often, the K9 teeth and incisors look pretty good, while the molars are rotting or falling out. So even if things seem OK to you, ask your veterinarian to have a closer look.

If your pet did recently have a cleaning, remember that the plaque and tartar will immediately begin again to accumulate. Dental treatments will certainly need to be completed again. Some pets are having dental cleanings on a yearly basis, and certainly, the little dogs have more issues when compared to the bigger dogs.

February is officially Dental Focus month at 4 PAWS Veterinary Hospital. That means it is an opportunity to have your pets oral health evaluated, and possibly improved at a reduced fee. You might want to take advantage of the offer, for their health and well being.

Written by: Dr. Kip Grasse, Veterinarian